Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe

Plastic surgeon

Form creation in Greek sounds like “Plastikos”, and in Latin “plasticus”, which is also interpreted as formative, sculptural. It is these characteristics that most accurately reflect the essence of what plastic surgeons do. In our medical center Shafran in Dushanbe, some of the best specialists in Tajikistan in this area are receiving visits.

The high professionalism of the staff and the modern equipment of the clinic allow us to guarantee an excellent quality of medical diagnostics, which is important when a plastic surgeon is planning to intervene. Our specialists carry out operations of any level of complexity, both caused by medical indications and by the client’s desire. They can carry out fashion procedures, and surely get the most natural result that will last for many years.

We also work in the direction of innovative aesthetic dermatology, cosmetic medicine, which allows us to maintain the result achieved through the operation. A plastic surgeon is able to solve various issues, for example, to conduct a rejuvenating gynecological operation, surgical repair of breast even with the most problematic pathologies. We use only proven techniques and modern equipment.