Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe


According to WHO statistics, up to 95% of the world’s population suffer from various pathologies and diseases in the gastrointestinal tract, which means that they need timely and qualified assistance from specialists, and residents of Tajikistan are no exception.

A highly qualified gastroenterologist is receiving an appointment at the Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe. There are many reasons to make an appointment for at least an initial medical examination. If you often face such problems as:

  • Belching and bitterness in the mouth.
  • Nausea, heaviness, pain in the stomach or intestines (spreading in the hypochondrium or with shingles).
  • Diarrhea or regular constipation.
  • Skin rashes that are not infectious or allergic, etc.

At the initial visit, our specialist conducts examination and palpation of organs, examines the anamnesis, directs patients to additional studies or tests (if necessary), which can be passed in our center. Only after collecting all the data, the final diagnosis is made and the optimal treatment method is selected.