Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe


Timely examination by an obstetrician-gynecologist is an important process that women should not ignore. Many diseases are asymptomatic for a long time, and the lack of treatment leads to dangerous complications, including infertility. The fair sex often suffers from cervical cancer that has no manifestations until the terminal stage, which means that only a specialist can detect the problem.

A qualified obstetrician-gynecologist who provides a full range of services is receiving appointments at the Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe. Our team focuses on quality and accessible health care in Tajikistan. Patients have access to diagnostic and treatment rooms, laboratories. Any examinations prescribed by a doctor can be passed within the walls of our center. An obstetrician-gynecologist is able to address the following issues:

  • Provide prenatal care.
  • Conduct hysteroscopy, echo hysterosalpingography.
  • Prescribes treatment for diagnosed cervical erosion, fibroid, inflammatory diseases, and infertility.
  • Prescribes an examination and testing to draw up a correct picture of the patient’s condition and select the correct solution to the problem.

It is advisable to visit a doctor for preventive purposes at least once a year. Qualified assistance provided in a timely manner significantly reduces the risk of development and subsequent progression of the vast majority of dangerous diseases.