Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe


Pediatrics is one of the most responsible areas of medicine. The best specialists who are ready to accompany your child from the moment of his birth until the age of majority are receiving reception at the Shafran Medical Center in Tajikistan. Thanks to their extensive experience and constant professional growth, doctors quickly and accurately diagnose childhood diseases, and also prescribe effective preventive measures.

You can make an appointment with a pediatrician at the Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe both just for the next prophylactic examination of a child, and if you have the following problems:

  • Pronounced signs of a respiratory infection or a cold (fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, etc.).
  • Rashes on the body, enlargement of the parotid salivary glands are symptoms of many infectious diseases.
  • Redness and rash, expiratory shortness of breath, profuse mucous discharge from the nose, redness of the eyes and other symptoms of an allergic reaction of the body.

Any symptoms, the origin of which you are not sure about, are also a direct indication for making an appointment or calling a pediatrician at home.
A visit to a specialist is mandatory even if you suspect an abnormal development of the baby. To avoid global health problems of the child, it is advisable to come to the doctor periodically and strictly follow the recommendations assigned to him. The modern equipment of the clinic allows our doctors to receive complete data on the patient’s condition after carrying out various types of functional diagnostics.