Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe


In the medical center Shafran in Dushanbe you can carry out such diagnostic procedures as ECG (electrocardiography). This research method allows us to assess the functional state of the heart. The specialists of our clinic have extensive practical experience that allows them to accurately interpret the data obtained after the ECG. The accuracy of the diagnosis largely depends on the correct interpretation.

Deciding to undergo ECG examination at the Shafran Medical Center in Tajikistan, you can get comprehensive information on such points as:

  • The physical condition of the heart.
  • The presence of various myocardial injuries, including acute and chronic.
  • Metabolic disorders in the heart muscle, as well as electrical conduction.
  • Is the electrical axis of the heart in the correct position, etc.

An ECG is medically necessary for almost all people, especially those who have crossed the age of 40 years or with the following symptoms:

  • Unreasonable shortness of breath.
  • Sudden weakness or syncope.
  • Pain in the region of the heart.
  • Clear sensations of malfunctioning of the heart.
  • If a heart murmur is detected on examination by a cardiologist.

The procedure is also necessary before surgical interventions and during pregnancy to control the condition of people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.