Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe

Orthopedist Daria Singh and mammologist Anaga Zope

Dear citizens, from November 21 to 23, the famous Indian doctor, surgeon, orthopedist and traumatologist, honorary member of the Council of Indian and American Medical Scientists Dr. Daria Singh and the honored Indian doctor, oncologist-mammologist, Professor Anaga Zope at the Saffron Medical Center will pay for treatment patients.
Dr. Daria Singh has 20 years of experience and is included in the list of 20 famous orthopedic doctors in the world. The treatment methods and instructions of Dr. Umesh Kumar Singh are recognized by renowned doctors of the world. To date, Dr. Kumar Singh has treated more than 35,000 people with diseases of the joints of the hands and feet, erosions of the femur, pain in the knees, sprains of the fingers and toes, burning and pain in the joints, and slipped bones. feet, swelling of the joints of the hands and elbows. This specialist doctor has also successfully performed more than 3,000 orthopedic surgeries.
Professor Anagha Zope treats women with breast cancer with a modern and effective method. His treatment method and scientific recommendations are used in most developed countries.
The management of the Shafran Medical Center has created diagnostic and treatment conditions that meet modern requirements.
More information can be obtained by calling 900 03 88 33 and 2 50 0101 from 8:30 to 16:30.