Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe

Ultrasound service

The Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe is a multidisciplinary facility that provides a full range of services. Visiting us you can not only get a doctor’s consultation or treatment, but also undergo various types of examinations, including imaging ones. The ultrasound room deserves special attention. It is ultrasound examination that is the most accessible and frequently used diagnostic method. Without ultrasound, it is often problematic to accurately determine the cause of a particular pathology, diseases and disorders in the body. Ultrasound data provide the doctor with the opportunity to be confident in the correct diagnosis and get the most complete picture of the patient’s health.

We understand that the equipment of the room is fundamentally important for a successful examination. It should be of the highest quality and most modern. The medical center Shafran in Tajikistan has one of the best ultrasound rooms in terms of equipment. We give preference to high-tech devices that allow us to characterize the condition of internal organs with the greatest accuracy, to detect diseases at the earliest stages. Our specialists are highly qualified and regularly undergo additional training. The combination of these factors provides a competent interpretation of the survey results. We know that not everyone can afford expensive procedures, so we adhere to affordable prices in order to open access to quality medicine for everyone.