Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe

Gynecologist (gynecologist) – Rakhimova Shoira

We recommend using the services of a gynecologist (gynecologist) – Rakhimova Shoira. The aforementioned doctor is a specialist in the treatment of the following diseases:

– amputation of the uterus;
– extirpation of the uterus;
– cystectomy;
– adnexectomy;
– colporrhaphy;

🔹️Operative and outpatient examinations:
– colposcopy;
– Ultrasound diagnostics;
– Receiving goods for cytology;
– tube biopsy of the uterine cavity;
– Tarot from the uterine cavity;
– Biopsy of the cervix;

Medical center “Shafran” is engaged in the diagnosis and timely treatment of diseases, and also has all the necessary conditions.
Use the medical services of our center!