Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe

Free consultation of Dr. Muhammad Mahsum from India on Ayurvedic treatment with Hijama

We offer a free consultation of Dr. Muhammad Mahsum from India, providing Ayurvedic treatment with Hijama for the following diseases at the Shafran Medical Center:

  1. Arthritis;
  2. Radiculitis;
  3. Spondylosis
  4. Frozen shoulder,
  5. Paralysis
  6. Back pain,
  7. Sinusitis and migraines,
  8. Other types of diseases related to the nervous and articular system.
    What is Hijama?
    Hijama – also known as cupping therapy, is a centuries-old method of treating various diseases through bloodletting. It should be noted that in the human body there are special vessels where blood reserves are stored and in the event of, for example, injury and bleeding, “red ore” can be activated. However, after a certain time, this blood stagnates and ages. Improper nutrition, a polluted atmosphere, and the modern pace of life deteriorate the quality of blood, and in this case, bloodletting by the Hijama method has a special place to get rid of harmful components from the body.
    The promotion is valid until: September 30, 2021.
    Phone for appointment: (+992 37) 250 01 01 or 900 038 833.
    Our address: Dushanbe, st. Sheralizada, no. 2. (Landmark: “Artel” or TC “Yovar”).