Shafran Medical Center in Dushanbe

ENT Doctor

Soon an ENT doctor from India is coming to Shafran Medical Center. Examination and treatment of a condition like:
– Prolonged nasal congestion
– Prolonged runny nose with persistent discharge of mucous.
purulent or purulent character
– Regular flow of mucus down the back of the throat.
(post nasal congestion)
– Headaches, especially when tilting the head
– Frequent sore throat
– Earache
– Hearing loss and dizziness
– Snoring
– Difficulty swallowing, enlarged neck lymph nodes
– Deterioration of the sense of smell
– Hoarseness, loss of voice
If you are suffering from nose, throat, ear, or head and neck problems, call us to register and make an appointment for a doctor’s consultation.
Don’t put your health on hold! Contact us at Saffron Clinic and get professional help in treating ENT and head-neck conditions.